Windows XP vs Vista vs 7 vs 8.1 vs 10 | Speed Test PART 2

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Windows XP vs Vista vs 7 vs vs 10 | Speed Test PART 2. Even more speed tests of every generation of Windows since 2001. Does a different version of Windows have an impact on overall performance?

With even more variety of different applications and tests, how does each OS stack up against one another? Will it change the rankings from last time?

Intro 0:00
Login/Logoff 0:40
RAM Management 1:23
CPU Management 2:19
Battery Life 3:24
Wi-Fi Test 4:22
Audio Editing 4:54
Video Editing 5:41
Opening a pdf 6:45
File Decompression 7:03
Benchmarks 7:30
BSOD lol 8:31
Conclusion 8:47

Microsoft Playlist:
Apple Playlist:
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