Windows XP on PCEm v17 PII-233, Voodoo3, SB128PCI (R7 3700X, GTX1660Ti)

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PCem v17 for Windows
PCem v17 for Linux
People have also been successful at making it compile and run on a Raspberry Pi!

PCEM v17: A PC emulator that does everything in software so no HW virtualization.
So it's not like VirtualBox or VMWare that translate modern hardware to a
virtual machine using hardware virtualization techniques. Bonus is that it is very compatible but a downside is that it takes up a lot of

Windows 98/MS-DOS seem to be the sweet spot for this Emulator and it is
possible to get a Voodoo3 Pentium Pentium II system setup running at
decent speeds on most PCs with an Intel 4th gen CPU and up or an AMD
FX or Ryzen CPU.

Windows XP is a bit overkill for this emulator. On my hardware I managed
to get Voodoo3, 512Mb RAM, Pentium II 233Mhz, SB128 PCI going at more or less 100% most of the time.

Newer games like Halo won't work due to the Voodoo3's lack of DirectX
capabilities needed for the game. You really need NVidia TNT/Geforce there. Older Windows98 compatible games are preferably ran on Windows98 on this emulator as that is less of a resource
hog than Windows XP turns out to be.

Still it's quite interesting to see how this emulator performs on my hardware
running Windows XP Home SP3.

00:01:00 - PCEm settings
00:01:17 - Booting Windows XP
00:02:58 - DirectX Diag
00:05:14 - Need for Speed III
00:11:03 - Hover
00:11:49 - Full Tilt Pinball Space Cadet
00:14:48 - Full Tilt Pinball Dragon's Keep
00:20:02 - Full Tilt Pinball Skulduggery
00:24:51 - Windows Pinball Space Cadet
00:26:16 - 3DMark 2000 Demo

Host system:
Ryzen 7 3700X
GTX1660 Ti
16Gb DDR4 3200Mhz

Captured at 1080p60 using the Nvidia built-in capture
Music licensed from Epidemic Sound

Enjoy the video and thanks for watching - LactobacillusPrime

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