This Tool Helps RESTORE DOORS AND WINDOWS! See How...(Profile Paint Scraper/Steel Shave Hook)

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(Individual replacement blades became unavailable while I was making this video. Hopefully they will return soon :) Also, Chili did not pay for this video--they only sent out the tool for free, and I really wanted to try it!)



This Tool Helps RESTORE DOORS AND WINDOWS! See (Profile Paint Scraper/Steel Shave Hook)

Scraping paint from old doors and windows can be extremely tricky. In this short video, The Honest Carpenter experiments with a shave hook / profile paint scraper from Chili Tools!

Window and door restoration specialists use a variety of techniques to remove paint from old doors and windows.

Often, they will remove units, then even take out window glass. Then, they will use a strong orbital palm sander to sand down the "flats"--or the flat rails, stiles and muntins.

In order to carve out the paint on the "profiled" inner edges of the door panels, or window muntins, they will often turn to a profile scraper, or shave hook.

With the bevel up, these blades can be used to carefully carve or scrape the figured contours of these surfaces.

Window and door restoration specialists will also heat up the old paint using a heat gun. These tools can be dangerous though, and should always be handled cautiously!

Also, paint from before 1975 can contain LEAD. The EPA has a strict set of guidelines for working with lead-based paint. Please read and follow their policies here:

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