THE BAD BATCH Episode 7 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs And Things You Missed

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THE BAD BATCH Episode 7 Breakdown | Ending Explained, STAR WARS Easter Eggs And Things You Missed. Episode 7 of The Bad Batch is out and in this recap and review we breakdown the big characters, what happens, give our theories on Omega, Ahoska Tano, Fennec Shand, Tarkin and what will happen with Crosshair. We also discuss the inner workings of the Imperials and Empire.

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0:00 Bad Batch Episode 7 Intro
0:49 Episode 6 Recap
2:11 Episode 7 Breakdown And EasterEggs
10:56 Reaction And Review

Episode 7 is now out worldwide on Disney Plus and in this video we're gonna be breaking down all the easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed in the show. We'll of course also be giving our craaaaaazy theories on where things could be going as well as a review on the series so far so make sure you stick around until the endor.

Now there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven't had a chance to check it out then I'll see you Darth Later. Make sure you like the video if you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe to make sure I'll see the next one.

DEAR that's the worst one we've done and with that out the way let's get into the video.

Ok so episode sith we saw as the Bad Batch journied out to Corellia to take the head of a tactical droid in order to achieve info that would help them to defeat the clone troopers.

Along the way they met everyone's favorite Star Wars they weren't actually that bad and instead of taking the plans for themselves they left them in the capable hands of the uprising rebels.

The episode ended with the Martez sisters reaching out to a mysterious contact and I've been kicking myself for the last week about how I said it could be Ahsoka but the subtitles for the episode said it was a he.

I also had a lot of comments saying that R7 was destroyed at the end of The Clone Wars but we did see it's shell there for a reason and it was clearly kept so I do think that it was fixed up and given to the sisters. For them to be so closely linked to Ahsoka and for there to also be a droid called R7 that has the exact same colours it just seems to much of a coincidence.

We'll talk about this later on in the video but another important thing to bear in mind is that wreckers chip actually activated at one point in the episode. He said the words good soldiers follow orders which are synonymous with what the clones uttered during the aftermath of Order 66.

If you cast your mind back to the clone wars then you might remember that Ahsoka actually help to find and take out Captain Rex's chip with help from the force and this idea of taking out chips when the chips are down plays into this entry.

No idea what that even means but anyway.

Episode 7 is called Battle Scars which typically refers to a wound suffered in battle that serves as somewhat of a reminder.

For example people showcase their own battle scars when telling stories and they're very much a reminder of what someone has been through.

In the case of the bad batch it's use is metaphorical to serve as a reminder of what their life was like before the end of the clone wars and how much things have changed. We pick up with them getting chased by some Rhokai after stealing a rare and valuable lizard that we learn is called Ruby.

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