State Of Decay 2 Lethal Darkside Returns !!! Episode 2

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After a long while we are jumping in to our modded difficulty of SOD 2. This is the hardest version of the game.

Darkside Redux is the remake version of Darkside mod from absolute scratch.
This will be a large overhaul of the game in a long run.

Spawn Effects
* Base and Plague Variants of Freaks can spawn
* The Murder Pack horde, consisting 3 of each version of the Feral
* Plague Hearts have a total of 630 Health

Gameplay Effects
* Vision and Aggro of Zeds are modified
* Level 2 Ammo Outpost can craft a select few of pistol rounds and shotgun rounds
* Level 2 Outpost no longer cost 2000 Influence to Upgrade
* Fabricator Shop and Utilities Complex buildings from Heartland can be built
* Removed Survivor Requirement to Claim Bases
* Plague Sample Drop Rate has been significantly reduced
* Water is required to craft Plague Samples
* Plague Busters can be crafted from the Biochem Station
* Plague Busters persist outside of Heartland
* Damage Taken by the Player is significantly increased [Only Player Controlled Characters]
* Plague Hearts will actively defend itself in it's gas phases
* Increased the safe zones of claimed outpost by 30%
* Removed the Gun and CQC drops of Plague Hearts and replaced with consumables
* Starting Vehicle is randomized
* Only Food Rucksacks can spawn inside the Starting Vehicle
* Improved Human AI [Kudos to Zod]
* Improved Flashlight

This Mod Again has been created by Zeru so if you guys want to show him some love and support you can hit him up with a pay pal dono. He does all this work for free so i try to help him out as much as possible.
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