SNL Hosts Who Bombed Big Time

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When it premiered on NBC in 1975, no one could have guessed that Saturday Night Live would become the pop culture juggernaut that it is today. Taking over for The Tonight Show’s The Best of Carson, SNL’s goal was to offer comedy, political satire, and live music in an effort to win over the coveted 18-34 crowd. Part of the show’s draw soon became its weekly host, an often big-name celebrity guest who would step in for 90 minutes of comedy.

While some SNL hosts have absolutely flourished, making repeat appearances over the years and creating some of the series’ most iconic characters, others have been completely disastrous. These are the SNL hosts who bombed big time.

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Paris Hilton | 0:00
Elon Musk | 1:44
January Jones | 3:19
Frank Zappa | 4:34
Milton Berle | 5:55
Louise Lasser | 7:32
Bill Hader | 8:59
Steven Seagal | 10:29
Martin Lawrence | 11:33

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