Race the Power of an Illusion: The Difference Between Us. Race: Biological vs Social Determinants

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The event consists of the showing of Part 1 of the video documentary: Race: the Power of an Illusion followed by a panel discussion featuring faculty. This event will attempt to answer this foundational question, and reveal the complexities involved in what may appear to be a basic concept. What do we mean when we say "race"? Is this concept a biological one rooted in genomic sciences? Is it merely a phenotypic categorization? Is it culturally based? Is it a social construct used by elites to organize societies? The video illustrates that racial differences as commonly understood have little biological We are all pretty much the same under the skin and that biological differences between those in the same “race” are far greater than those of different “races”. The documentary makes it clear that the differences ascribed to race are in fact socially created.
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