NEW Micro Machines 2020 Cars! World Packs and Playcase Toy Review WCT

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Micro Machines NEW 2020 Cars! and Spiral Ramp Playcase Toy Review! Squirrel Stampede Checks out Hasbro's WCT Jazwares New 2020 line of Micro Machines! Unboxing 3 World packs with Super Cars, Fire and Rescue, and City Center packs. Micro Machine cars continue the tradition of Micro size and Speed, each with Micro City Display stand. Also return to simpler times with the Farm vehicle pack! Then its on to the HUGE micro PLAYCASE! Fit all your cars in a fantastic garage playcase, with dizzy Spiral Slide feature!
Enjoy collecting the Micro world again with the New Micro Machines!

Found USA retail Target, Walmart, $$20

Music:Thru the Walls, Dressed for Success, Police Force, Ballroom Night

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