NEW HOUSE Vanilla Survival with RTX (ray-tracing) | Minecraft Windows 10 (Bedrock) | Basement

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Welcome to The Basement, let's play vanilla survival Minecraft RTX (ray-tracing)! This is a solo vanilla survival Minecraft world. The Basement is the friendliest place on YouTube.

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In today's episode (Ep 3 / Part 3), we build and improve in this PURE Vanilla Solo Survival Minecraft campaign on Windows 10 (Bedrock Edition). A roof for our first home? A NEW house? Will we fall in lava? Come downstairs and have a seat with me on the couch right here in The Basement - the friendliest place on YouTube!

This is Part 3 (Ep 3 / Episode 3) of The Basement's Minecraft RTX series on Windows 10 (Bedrock Edition). This is a solo survival let's play of Minecraft (Bedrock edition) on Windows 10. This will be a vanilla playthrough of Bedrock Minecraft, capturing The Basement's (well, Peter's anyway) transition from Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch to Minecraft on PC (Bedrock / Windows 10).

The Basement: the friendliest place on YouTube!

CPU: i9-9900k
Memory: 32GB RAM
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super

Thank you for checking out this Minecraft RTX video.
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