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The tunnel builders are in constant use for the major construction projects “Stuttgart 21” and “Wendlingen-Ulm”. Numerous rail tunnels are being built in Baden-Württemberg, including three of the longest in Germany.

One of them is the twin-tube Albvorland tunnel in Kirchheim unter Teck with a length of 8,176 meters. Before the first meters can be excavated with a tunnel boring machine right next to the A8 motorway, the workers have to load the two most important components. The two cutting wheels, which are later to remove the earth with 140 paring knives, weigh 200 tons each. The final work before the spectacular loading by a huge crawler crane starts with great anticipation. “That sets a real milestone,” says Michael Frahm, the head of the tunnel construction team. “We now have a year and a half of preparation behind us. And when the cutting wheels finally glide across the construction site through the air, it not only looks impressive, but also means for us that all the work has been worth it."

But suddenly a problem. The crane cannot lift a cutting wheel. And suddenly everything is on the brink. The technical manager of tunneling Jens Classen knows: “We now have to find the fault quickly and otherwise improvise if necessary, as is unfortunately sometimes necessary in tunneling. It's about many thousands of euros a day. "
The race against time has begun.

In 24 hour shifts, three tunnels are being built in parallel in different directions on the so-called intermediate attack in Stuttgart Wangen. Mostly in blasting with 50 large machines from wheel loaders to drill trucks and lots of explosives. Since the workers are here directly under the city, vibrations on the surface must be avoided.
"Well, it shakes a bit," grins Austrian site manager Georg Hofer. “But we have already gained experience here and we know the rock very well. Nevertheless, every blast is something special and explosives are generally dangerous. We cannot allow ourselves to lose concentration! "
There is a complete ban on blasting between 10 and 6 Then the team makes do with a mighty chisel that tears out the solid mudstone and slowly creates the tunnel tubes.

Driving with huge machines at the end of the tunnel. Drill. Bust. Blast.

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