iPhone XR Long Term Review in 2021????XR or iPhone SE 2020?

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Should You Buy iPhone XR in 2020? Detailed Review After 2 Years & Comparison with iPhone SE 2020.
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iPhone XR was launched in 2018 with Apple's A12 Bionic Processor and 3GB RAM. In this video, we will be doing a detailed review of the XR After 2 years and find out if it is still worth buying in India. We will also do a small comparison with the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 12. Hope you guys enjoy watching the video.
00:00 - Introduction
00:40 - iPhone XR vs Android Phones
01:20 - Protect Your iPhone’s Display
02:04 - Performance of XR in 2021
03:49 - Software and Updates
05:05 - Battery Life & Charging
06:05 - Camera vs iPhone 12
07:50 - Display Quality!
09:19 - Call Quality, Network etc
10:00 - iPhone XR or iPhone SE 2020
11:00 - Final Thoughts & Conclusion
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