 iPhone 12 unboxing and set up + cute iPhone covers + picking pretty wallpapers (ASMR)

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After thinking for more than a year, I finally got a new  iPhone 12 recently. So here, sharing my iPhone 12 unboxing and setting up using my old iPhone 8. Also unboxed 2 iPhone covers that I ordered earlier. I also downloaded some iPhone wallpapers from Pinterest and used Procreate to modify them a bit to fit my iPhone. Also got a new USB C charger adaptor so that I can use the new cable doe faster charging.

IPad Air 3 unboxing video:

Transparent phone cover:
White phone cover:

Filmed using iPhone 8 & iPad Air 3
Editor: VLLO

Music by Starry Attic
Track - Morning coffee

Music by Milk Tea
Track - 현재 진행형

Music from FreeMusic109
Track - Old Bossa by Twin Musicom

Track - By the light of the silvery moon by E Jammy’s Jam

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