How to fix Battery drain issues in Windows 10

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Managing the battery usage is the foremost aspect of an electronic device in order to conserve the performance of the battery and prolong the battery life. Moreover, Windows 10 is constantly upgraded, adding new features that ease the management of battery life. While the constant upgrades seem to significantly improve the battery life overall, some users have reported about battery drain issues. When it comes to battery drains, display brightness and processors are the ones that consume a lot of battery power. Additionally, the complex task that involves hardware processing will eventually drain your battery life.

Before we talk about some solutions to fix these battery drain problem, we suggest you unplug the accessories connected to the system. Also, try to reduce your startup programs and close all the dispensable programs and lower screen brightness that may assist in boosting the battery life. Apart from these tips, you may want to check out the following solutions to elevate the life of a battery.

1] Turn on the Battery Saver Mode

2] Check Battery usage by apps

3] Use Sleep Study Tool to find out what drains your battery

4] Troubleshoot Power problems with PowerCfg

5] Run Power Troubleshooter

6] Extend Battery life with customized Power Plans

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