Crossout - Tiny missile hover builds in PvP! Live stream gameplay archive 19.oct.2020 part #2

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evil midgets cut the power during live stream, so this is reboot of the stream, part #2 goes live boom! Continuing with missions where i left off, even evil midgets don't stop meh! I shall return and wreck em all, EZ!

now lets write some random trash here like all big noob youtubers do, cuz it seems like world loves nonsense and me me youyous yuums, lets write more stuff, YES!

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Please English only in chat! Whetever I play alone or with a team, there's always plenty of fun and entertainment to go around, so get your snacks and enjoy the show ;)

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Q and A

Q: When is your next stream?
A: I don't schedule streams, can be next day, can be next month.

Q: Why you play this game and not that?
A: I play whatever I feel like playing atm, but suggestions are always welcome!

Q: Why did stream cut off?
A: It did not, sometimes when I end the stream, then last 30 - 60 seconds, where I say that's the end, is cut off and it appears like it cut off. (If stream actually cuts off due internet or any other unseen issues, I'll always restart it ASAP and will mention that it cut off)

Q: What are your PC specs?
A: Custom built, i7-6700k + liquid cooling, 16gb DDR4 3400mhz Ram, MSI GTX 1080. Reidea custom blank keyboard + 1byone 1-handed keyboard for hotkeys, uTechsmart MMO gaming mouse, Asus PB287Q 4k monitor, PS3 controller + bunch of other stuff!

Q: Whahaha omg you suck whahha
A: That wasn't a question you squeezy lemon!

Q: Do you Like Pie?


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