Crazy True Octopus Facts About The Eight-Legged Sea Creature

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Known as the “monsters of the deep,” octopuses lurk in some of the deepest waters of the ocean. The octopus easily stands out with its big head, protruding round eyes, and eight long tentacles. Octopuses are natural survivors, adapting well to the harsh conditions of deep waters.

However, they aren’t invincible. While they aren’t considered extinct yet, it is important to preserve their declining numbers. This includes taking care of their home by keeping our waters clean and safe.

If you’re interested in learning about what octopuses are like in reality, watch on for 30 Octopus Facts that’ll help you understand how the monsters of the deep really live.

0:47 “Octopus” comes from the Greek word “októpus.”
1:06 The plural form of octopus can also be “octopi.”
1:24 There are over 250 species of octopus.
1:42 Almost all octopuses are predatory.
1:58 They are also prey to many sea creatures.
2:10 Octopuses have three hearts.
2:30 Octopuses have decentralized brains.
2:49 The eyes of the octopus are big and located at the top of its head.
3:02 Octopuses have better vision than humans.
3:18 Octopuses breathe through their gills.
3:32 They have beaks inside their mouths.
3:46 The blood of an octopus is bluish.
4:08 An octopus can change color in an instant.
4:25 All octopuses have venom.
4:45 The blue-ring octopus’ bite is painless but fatal.
5:06 The giant Pacific octopus is the biggest known octopus species.
5:23 Deep-sea octopuses can’t produce ink.
5:43 Some octopuses can live deeper than 10,000 feet in the ocean.
5:59 Octopuses are incredibly fast swimmers.
6:15 They can regrow their arm if they lose one.
6:33 Even if the octopus has died, their tentacles can still move.
6:50 Live octopus is a popular delicacy in South Korea.
7:16 Octopuses are incredibly smart creatures.
7:29 They are, however, unsociable creatures.
7:44 Octopuses can build their own dens.
7:57 They live in different places in the ocean.
8:16 For octopuses, mating can take up to several hours.
8:46 Female octopuses die after their eggs hatch.
9:11 In general, most of the octopus species mature quickly.
9:24 Their lifespans are relatively short.

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