A demonstration about the windows application which I've created for my assignment

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Hello and welcome back to technology for blind YouTube channel for another interesting video.
In this video I have demonstrated an application which I have created for one of my assignment where we have to manage assignments and student details to a hypothetical university.
If you're wanting to become a software engineer or to learn coding, this video will be a great inspiration for you which proves that a visually impaired person can code on his own.
I really hope this video has been an inspiration for all of you guys and thank you very much for watching.
if you got any things about this application such as questions, comments, please let me know in the comment section and if I got enough amounts of questions and comments, I will definitely do a livestream specifically to talk about this application in a deep manner. Looking forward to your comments guys.
Thank you very much again for watching.
Sea you in the next video,
Signing out:
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